PARC course on Chemical Exposure & Modelling

PARC course on Chemical Exposure & Modelling successfully held in Brno

The course on Chemical Exposure & Modelling, part of the PARC training plan for 2024-2025, was successfully held between 10-12 June in Brno, Czech Republic. With 25 trainees from 13 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Chile, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Spain), the course offered participants a combination of theoretical lectures and practical exercises. These included modelling of internal exposure to chemicals, understanding sources and pathways of chemicals entering the human body, and assessing their possible effects as single chemicals and mixtures. The training also included visits to laboratories and a biobank, and hands-on exercises on physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models and spatial analysis.

The course was organised under the scientific coordination of RECETOX, featuring six external trainers (Beate Escher, Joost Westerhout, Aude Ratier, Jasper Engel, Johannes Kruisselbrink, Rok Novak) from four different countries (Germany, Netherlands, France and Slovenia), and four local trainers (Martin Scheringer, Lisa Melymuk, Ondrej Mikes, Daniel Szabó).

"This course is unique for its holistic approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills," remarked Petra Růžičková, the course coordinator. This combination ensures that participants are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges in chemical exposure and modelling, making the training an invaluable experience for professionals in the field.

Course support materials will soon be made available on the PARC website for all those interested in the topic.

"Thank you for the hospitality during the RECETOX Summer School. It was a great opportunity to get updated on the latest achievements in the area of complex substances risk assessment. It was wonderful to follow the program and to talk to the scientists about the fantastic projects being developed in this complex domain. I was impressed by the modern university and all the talented scientists working there. Blessed with good weather, I was also charmed by the local hospitality and the beautiful city of Brno." said Assia Kovatcheva, course participant.

Do not forget to follow the PARC website for information on our upcoming courses! By June 2025, RECETOX will host another training course, this time dedicated to New Approach Methodologies (NAMs).

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