Policy uptake & regulatory achievements

An overarching objective of PARC is for the partnership to support EU and national chemical risk assessment and risk management bodies with new data, knowledge, methods, networks and skills to address chemical risks. As such, policy- and regulatory uptake and use of the results generated under PARC to the benefit of human health and nature will ultimately be one of the most important measures of success for the partnership.

To ensure regulatory- and policy relevance, a survey has been undertaken to collect the needs from national and European regulatory authorities represented in PARC. The results of the survey have been compiled and will be evaluated in terms of key areas of regulatory challenges. Prioritisation criteria will be refined, and the results will then be shared on the website. This will be an important input parameter to determine the prioritised areas of work in the second half of PARC.

Apart from prioritisation based on the ‘mapping of needs surveys’ a ‘rapid response mechanism’ has been developed. This mechanism will address the urgent needs that arise in terms of human health concerns which needs immediate action.

This work will support the planned REACH restriction on PFAS presented by ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency. The PARC contribution will provide support to overcoming identified analytical challenges linked to enforcement of the restriction.