Online catalogues on exposure monitoring

PARC supports research and innovation activities related to chemical risk assessment. One of the ways of doing so is to build online inventories of existing resources and develop comprehensive catalogues on laboratories and environmental networks. This will increase the visibility and accessibility of the existing resources within and beyond PARC to multiple users with the potential benefit of making them fully accessible. 

Providing access to data

PARC aims at enhancing the EU experimental capacities within chemical risk assessment, increasing quality, reliability and comparability of newly generated data and mediating an increased access to and effective use of existing resources.

Environmental monitoring networks, programmes and projects play a prominent role for this development with their databases providing access to relevant data.  

Collaboration between research infrastructures

PARC will develop new tools such as search engines and visualisations. To PARC it is important that the new material is interoperable with data hubs and platforms developed by others.

PARC will establish collaboration with existing and newly developed research infrastructures (namely ESFRI infrastructures such as EIRENE, BBMRI or ELIXIR) to explore their capacities, existing tools, and options to ensure sustainability of the PARC products. 

Development of inventories

In 2022 and 2023, PARC focused on creating:  
•    inventory of existing human biomonitoring efforts (HBM studies), 
•    inventory of environmental monitoring efforts, and  
•    review of existing software tools suitable for development of comprehensive catalogues.

For the next years, the priority will be the identification of environmental, indoor, article, food and feed monitoring networks and their incorporation into the overall data architecture.