PARC aims to build and strengthen the interdisciplinary research capacity of stakeholders and partners. 
This includes promoting knowledge exchange, contributing to skills development, and increasing capacities to apply new tools and methodologies developed in PARC. Moreover, this task contributes to stakeholders’ and partners’ preparedness to address current and new challenges in the field of chemical risk assessment.

The main activities include:

  1. identifying training needs;

  2. mapping existing training courses and resources;

  3. establishing a flexible and dynamic training plan aligned with partners’ and stakeholders’ needs, and with the progress and findings of PARC.

In the first year of PARC, a dedicated online survey has been distributed to all members of the National Hubs to identify their training needs. Data from the survey has provided ground for subsequent activities that include the mapping of the available training courses and resources, and the definition of a comprehensive training plan for the next two years (up to October 2025). You can read a short report about the results of the survey here.

PARC training plan will include both the organization of training courses and the development of online resources, and will be designed to cover the different knowledge domains identified by the survey respondents.

Training courses

Training courses will be organized in various formats, such as in-person, hybrid, or remote; information on these training courses will be available in PARC website under News & Events - Events - Trainings

In addition to the new PARC trainings, you may also find there other existing training courses that can help improve your skills and knowledge. The topics include exposure assessment, FAIR & databases, hazard assessment, human health, policy & regulation, risk assessment, statistics & modelling and transferable skills. Please note that these courses are not the responsibility of PARC, hence in case of interest or doubt, please directly contact the course organizers.

The information on available training is regularly updated. If you know of any additional training courses that could be of interest to PARC activities, please share the information with us by completing this form.

Online resources

PARC will provide new online training resources, such as videos, slide decks, and tutorials. We will provide additional information soon.

Staff exchange

To facilitate on-the-job training, which is particularly relevant to transfer skills, such as analytical methods, possible host institutions will be identified for staff exchange among PARC. 

If you are available to receive external staff in your laboratory, please fill in a form (available soon). 

If you are interested in visiting a laboratory to receive on-site training, you can find available opportunities on our website (available soon). Please note that applicants are responsible for their own expenses.

For any proposals or contributions to PARC training activities, please contact Carla Trindade Costa (carla [dot] trindadeatinsa [dot] min-saude [dot] pt) and João Paulo Teixeira (joao [dot] teixeiraatinsa [dot] min-saude [dot] pt) from the Portuguese National Institute of Health, Portugal.