PARC photo competition

Join the new photo competition: Sharing the things we do in PARC

We invite everyone in PARC to participate in a photo competition. The purpose of the competition being to share the work we do with each other and with people outside of PARC.

You participate by taking one photo - or a series of three photos - illustrating the work you do in relation to PARC. You follow up by writing a document with a short caption in three lines explaining in a language that can be understood by lay people:

  • who and/or what we see in the photo, 
  • the potential impact the work shown might have on regulation, human health, or the environment.

You add your name, your PARC affiliation, and your contact information to the caption, and upload the material to the SharePoint. (NOTE: all your files must carry your name in their titles)

The three winners (gold, silver and bronze) will be chosen by a committee from the work package in PARC focusing on creating synergies and communicating the PARC results (WP3). Besides from the honor the winners gain the fame of having their photos and the text published in PARC media.

Deadline: 15st December 2023.

Please note that by participating in the competition you agree that PARC gains the right to publish and distribute your photos and text as well as mentioning your name and affiliation in relation to the publication of the material.