PARC Junior Community

The support team for the PARC Junior Community at ANSES, France. From the left to the right: Basile, Annabelle, Marie, Katya, Maria.

PARC Junior Community is looking for new members

Are you a student, recent graduates and early career researchers involved in PARC activities? Then keep reading!

Nearing the end of 2023, the PARC Coordination Team envisioned the start of a community tailored for students, recent graduates up to five years after the completion of their degree and early career researchers involved in PARC activities. Following endorsement by the PARC Management Board, the PARC Junior Community was launched on the PARCopedia platform on 26th January 2024.

The PARC Junior Community aims to promote a sense of belonging among junior members of PARC, offering them a dedicated platform to connect and engage with their peers.

Talks, virtual coffee, and sharing experience

Among the scheduled activities is a bimonthly 60-minutes lunchtime talk, providing an opportunity for up to three community members to deliver 15-minute presentations on topics of their choice or for guest speakers to share insights into their experiences in chemical risk assessment. Additionally, other virtual coffee meetings are also planned in the future.

The community is planned to kick-off in early spring, encoraging members to share their expectations and help shape the community’s direction. An exciting satellite event is also under preparation for the PARC consortium meeting mid-May.

PARC Junior Community will leverage PARC’s knowledge platform, PARCopedia as its primary hub.  Here members can share training and job opportunities,, highlight  research milestones, participate in discussion forum, and even  schedule online and in-person meet ups.

Register to join now the PARC Junior Community  

If you are interested in joining the PARC Junior Community, please register through the following form. Don't miss this opportunity! We are excited to announce that nearly 50 people have expressed their interest within the first week of its launch.

Any inquiries regarding PARC Junior Community can be sent to: parc_juniorcomatanses [dot] fr