PARC workshop T4.2 and T8.1

Significant progress achieved in chemicals prioritisation and Early Warning Systems at PARC workshop


Two key aspects in chemicals management are prioritising chemicals for enhanced monitoring and setting up an Early Warning System for detection of emerging issues. Last week (4-5 June 2024), PARC experts on these topics met at a workshop at University of Athens.

Synergies and alignments between the Early Warning System and the Prioritization Framework were discussed. In the future, the groups will share prediction models to identify hazards and exposure risks, use common tools and infrastructure, and agree on common prioritisation criteria and indicators. Data from environmental monitoring in PARC will feed into our Early Warning System. This workshop marked significant progress in the development of tools and processes in chemical management. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the PARC experts involved in prioritising chemical contaminants for environmental and multisource monitoring led by INERIS (France) and Aarhus University (Denmark) as well as those working at developing an early warning system for Europe, led by the University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (Sweden).