PARCopedia webinar


The PARCopedia platform, developed under T2.2, is steadily growing and now includes more than 730 members of the Chemical Risk Assessment community – many of which are PARC members. First webinar on PARCopedia use will be held on Friday, 28 June, from 11:00 - 12:30 am CEST. 

While we continue to improve your PARCopedia experience, many useful features can help you in your daily work, by disseminating it to your peers and by allowing exchange of information and new collaborations to be formed. However, not all users, and potential new users, may yet not be aware of the full spectrum of opportunities that PARCopedia has to offer to make their professional life easier, nor of the best way in which these features can be brought to good use. 

Registration for the webinar is now open under: 

Once registered, you will receive a calendar invite with the webinar link. For those unable to attend, we will also make a recording of the webinar available on PARCopedia in due time. 

During this first webinar, we will provide you with an overview of PARCopedia’s vision and scope, with a focus on building of a lively chemical risk assessment community: 

  • the PARCopedia dashboard as the main information hub of the platform, presenting news, events, job opportunities and more, 
  • the community features, from personal and institutional profiles to PARCopedia’s chat function, discussion groups and fora and 
  • the WIKI and how users can contribute to it. 

Questions and comments from the participants will be collected in the chat and answers will be provided either already during the webinar or along with the publication of the recording. If you have any further questions regarding the webinar or PARCopedia in general, contact us at editorial [dot] teamatparcopedia [dot] eu.