Would you like to partner with us?

PARC is a collaborative effort that brings together 200 partners from 29 European countries and aiming to develop next-generation chemical risk assessment to protect human health and the environment. Given its size and scope, PARC aims to play a leading role in European research projects focusing on chemical risk assessment.

Are you representing a project, a national organization, a scientific association, a professional society or any other type of group interested in collaborating on this initiative?

Are you working on the assessment of risks from chemicals, contaminants of emerging concern in freshwater and marine environments, human exposome and other related fields?

To further support its mission, PARC has established SYNnet, a network designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing with other initiatives focusing on environmental, food, and human health issues and organizations working in the field of chemical risk assessment. Our aim with SYNnet is to advance research and innovation in chemical risk assessment through establishing official synergies.

Why partner with us?

  • Collaborate with a network of over 200 European partners working on chemical risk assessment at the European and national level.
  • Access to new data, methods, models and innovative tools for assessing and managing the risks of chemical exposure.
  • Become part of the PARC Open Science community, promoting open and transparent dialogue between scientific and regulatory bodies.
  • Support the development of the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for colleagues who share a common vision with us and can get involved in the objectives of PARC, especially:

  • national organizations responsible for chemical risk assessment and safety regulation,
  • European and international organizations focusing on chemical safety and environmental protection,
  • scientific associations and professional societies involved in toxicology, environmental science, human health, and related fields,
  • academic and research institutions working in relevant areas such as chemistry, biology, environmental science, and toxicology,
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups focusing on environmental health and chemical safety issues,
  • industry associations and companies involved in the production, use, and disposal of chemicals,
  • health organizations and medical professionals concerned with the health effects of chemical exposure.

PARC welcomes bilateral or multilateral collaborations and encourages the participation of new countries or entities that can contribute to its goals.

If your work aligns with PARC's overall mission and objectives, and you would like to establish an official collaboration with PARC, please fill out the following Form of interest.

SYNnet monitors the progress of these synergies through feedback forms and evaluates their performance to provide input to PARC’s Management Board. The goal is to ensure that collaborations are effective and aligned with PARC's mission and objectives.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact Nikiforos Alygizakis (NKUA, GR; nalygizakisatchem [dot] uoa [dot] gr (nalygizakis[at]chem[dot]uoa[dot]gr)) and Sónia Namorado (INSA, PT; sonia [dot] namoradoatinsa [dot] min-saude [dot] pt (sonia[dot]namorado[at]insa[dot]min-saude[dot]pt)) in case you have any questions.