FAIR data

How can researchers improve the FAIRness of their data? - First steps in PARC

First GO FAIR Foundation facilitated training events on the 3 Point FAIRification Framework (3PFF)

A key priority of PARC is to ensure that the data generated, collated and analysed within PARC is FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, in line with the European Commission Data Policy.  To this end, a significant effort is being invested to train a group of PARC scientists as FAIR experts, employing the GO FAIR Foundation 3-point FAIRication framework (3PFF), which includes FAIR implementation profiles, Metadata for Machines workshops and FAIR datapoints as the building blocks of FAIR data.  Through this training, the PARC scientists will gain a deeper understanding of how to create and manage FAIR data, ultimately contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and innovation.  In January 2023, the PARC experts underwent their first round of intensive training, also known as “3PFF aspirants” in order to learn how to create FAIR Implementation Profiles. The training initially focused on two specific PARC sub-communities: human biomonitoring, whose data is currently hosted by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), and an environmental monitoring, specifically air exposure to POPs, whose database is hosted by partner Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX). During several hands-on sessions that took place over approximately 16 hours, 16 trainees from PARC-partner organisations participated in identifying the current resources and standards used in their respective communities. The purpose of this exercise was to identify gaps in the current approaches so that solutions can be developed within PARC. The resulting FAIR implementation profiles are still “in development” but will be available shortly as the first “As Is” reflection of how data and metadata are currently managed in these PARC sub-domains and will act as the basis for other sub-domains to map their current status and identify priorities for development of data management solutions over the coming months and years.


PARC FAIR data and tools” webinar series launched

Following discussions within PARC and across related projects and initiatives, there is a clear appetite for knowledge-sharing to support the transition to FAIR data, and thus PARC webinar series on FAIR data and tools was initiated as a means to share knowledge, report on experiences from other projects / domains, and present tools and resources that support and facilitate researchers to make their data FAIR. Within the scope of PARC, it is pulling in speakers from across the spectrum including from INQUIRE, WorldFAIR, MACRAME, NanoSolveIT and more.

The first webinar, held on Thursday 26th January 2023 was given by Erik Schultes from the GOFAIR Foundation on “FAIR Awareness – an Introduction to FAIR”, while the second webinar, held on Thursday 9th February 2023, was given by Tassos Papadiamantis, University of Birmingham, on “Experience as a data shepherd in NanoCommons – bridging the knowledge gap and changing cultures around data management”.  Since then, additional webinars were organized. Recordings of these webinars will be available shortly on the PARC website.

If you would like to present your FAIRification experiences, or tools to support FAIR that might be of interest to the PARC and Friends FAIR data and models community, please contact Iseult Lynch (i [dot] lynchatbham [dot] ac [dot] uk (i[dot]lynch[at]bham[dot]ac[dot]uk)) with your suggestion to be added to the rolling programme. If you would like to learn more about a specific FAIRification topic or approach, please also drop Iseult a line and work package 7 colleagues will find someone suitable to speak about it.  Looking forward to an active and lively community interaction over the coming months and years.