WP3 annual meeting Lisbon

PARC communicates to create positive changes

If it is not communicated it does not exist. This is a common saying meant to convince specialists to share their knowledge with people outside of academia who need it to create positive changes for humans and the environment. So, in PARC we dedicate a lot of effort to succeed in communicating the new knowledge gained on chemicals’ risk assessment. We bring together stakeholders inside and outside of the partnership, and we invite other projects and professional societies to collaborate with us.

On 26 and 27 October 2023 about 40 people from different corners of PARC met in Lisbon and online to discuss how far we have come, and what is still missing concerning communication, interactions with stakeholders and collaborations.

It was the annual meeting of work package 3 "Synergies, collaborations and awareness", and one year and a half after the launch of PARC the results could be summed: 

  • We have a webpage, four social media channels (LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instragram), and two newsletters, the PARC Sampler and the Science Digest up and running. 
  • We have established a Stakeholder Forum and an International Board, and we are preparing focus groups, surveys on awareness of Europeans to risks from chemicals, and improvements of the way Europeans communicate about the risk from chemicals. 
  • We have opened the door to projects, organizations, and other parties outside of PARC to come tell us if there are interested in establishing collaborations. If you are interested check out SYNnet