PARC launches new community platform for chemical risk assessment professionals

The Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals has launched PARCopedia, a new online knowledge base and community platform for people involved in chemical risk assessment.  

The new PARCopedia platform supports knowledge sharing among professionals with the goal of innovating chemical risk assessment methodology towards Next-Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA), thereby supporting Europe in further reducing risks from chemicals for human health and the environment.  

We believe there is an unmet need from professionals for a forum where they can share news, views, and knowledge on chemical risk assessment across sectors and backgrounds. This is why PARC created PARCopedia, and we hope that many will sign up and participate actively on the platform,“ says Matthias Herzler of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, BfR.

BfR and the Portuguese National Institute of Health (INSA) co-lead the PARCopedia activity.

Open for registration

PARCopedia was launched on Wednesday the 15 November 2023, and is open for registration. The platform welcomes the whole community of professionals in chemical risk assessment in Europe and worldwide.

Sign up is possible for all who are involved in chemical risk assessment and have a general understanding of the chemical risk assessment process.

The platform is a not-for-profit, ad-free knowledge management and social media environment.

Creating positive developments faster

PARCopedia is built on the philosophy that positive developments occur faster when professionals debate, interact and are creative together.

By launching PARCopedia, PARC supports the European Commission in its fulfilment of the Zero Pollution Action plan. The plan aims for air, water and soil pollution to be reduced to levels no longer considered harmful to health and natural ecosystems in 2050.

We expect PARCopedia to grow to a strong platform soon, and we are confident that the debate and information shared in PARCopedia will contribute to better health for humans and a cleaner environment,“ says Sónia Namorado of the Portuguese National Institute of Health.

The PARCopedia universe

Those who sign up to PARCopedia can:

  • access information on chemicals, concepts, methods, and activities related to the innovation of chemical risk assessment on the PARCopedia WIKI,
  • learn about information on news, events, and job opportunities from PARCopedia’s dashboard,
  •  use their PARCopedia profile to provide others in the community with such information and to share their work and expertise with others,
  • engage in discussions with other community members in PARCopedia’s public and private groups.

Dr. Matthias Herzler urges all relevant professionals to check out the platform:

Whether you are a researcher, risk assessor, risk manager or policy maker involved in chemical risk assessment - help us shape tomorrow’s chemical risk assessment with your free registration to PARCopedia,“ he says.

Sign up here