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PARCopedia: PARC’s online knowledge and community platform – scoping study is now published

Cooperation of professionals from a variety of disciplines and with a broad range of affiliations and perspectives is required to ensure the effective protection of citizens and the environment from chemical risks.  

This includes specialists from such diverse disciplines as method development, modelling, risk assessment and management, legislation and policy-making. However, even experts in one or more areas of chemical risk assessment may find it challenging to acquire a deeper understanding of the chemical risk assessment process beyond their own immediate line of work and to keep track of all the latest developments in the field. 

Achieving broad consensus within this multi-disciplinary community will nevertheless be crucial for innovating chemical risk assessment and for ultimately bringing PARC’s vision of a “Next-Generation Risk Assessment” (NGRA) to life.  

To help overcome knowledge barriers and to support the interactive creation of tomorrow’s chemical risk assessment methodologies, PARC will therefore launch its new knowledge management and community platform, PARCopedia, in November 2023. While a product of PARC, this platform will be open to everyone professionally involved in chemical risk assessment. 

PARCopedia will provide a comprehensive knowledge base as well as a social media space with expert profiles, discussion groups and other tools to share and discuss knowledge on innovative approaches in chemical risk assessment as well as information on activities and projects. The corresponding PARCopedia scoping study, introducing main aspects and concepts of this platform is now available.